THE MARILYN MONROE - EXHIBITION COLLECTION   Die exklusive Ausstellungssammlung zum Nachlass
THE MARILYN MONROE - EXHIBITION COLLECTION        Die exklusive Ausstellungssammlung zum Nachlass


Running Exhibition:

8.6. — 2.12.2018 - Vapriikki Museum, Tampere (Finland)





Museum Centre Vapriikki is the Museum of the Century in Finland. It was rewarded at the Cultural Gala of the Century in October. „Vapriikki in Tampere is of this day. Fresh, broadly networked, multi-facial, situaed in the middle of the everyday life of the city’s inhabitants“, was the opinion of the jury.


The exhibition in the Vapriikki Museum allows visitors to get close to the sensitive and intelligent woman behind the legend of Marilyn Monroe.

Witty, creative and determined, Marilyn was very deliberate about building her career and image. The camera loved Marilyn. The sensual movie star soon became the embodiment of beauty adored by all and a fashion icon whose style is still admired today. The Vapriikki exhibition dives into Marilyn’s world: its outward beauty, success and glamour, but also its other side – the star’s lonely internal world, full of misfortune.

Start on 17th May 2017 - 5th Nov 2017




PRESS CONFERENCE, Palazzo degli Esami, Rome:  16TH MAY 2017

VIP OPENING Palazzo degli Esami, Rome:                  16TH MAY 2017



(Italian Pavillon,  5*Hotel Barrière Le Majestic):             24TH MAY 2017

The exhibition is dedicated to the woman who has become the icon and the myth of Hollywood cinema presents in the prestigious venue of the Palazzo degli Esami, with objects which tell her story very closely. Thanks to the collaboration of the major international collectors and the recent intentions among these, it was possible to configure the most important exposure to Norma Jeane Baker's life.

Overall, these major loans revive Monroe's great story, allowing them to enter the private life and starting from the great dreams of a simple, not particularly fortunate girl. The lively exposition of so many personal effects and objects that emanate an incredible charm brings the visitor closer to the person and her intimacy. Dresses, accessories, cosmetics, symbols of her lifestyle and of that age, selected pieces from other great movie stars, or representations of her, screenplays, movie contracts from her home-based production, film footages or clips of Movies, even unpublished or publicized photographs, images that illustrate the main moments of Marilyn's career and private life. So many elements that lead to a much more articulate personality than the icon in the movies.

The exhibition also reports about the great determination of a woman able to go against the stream and to be unique in a male dominated world.It follows a portrait that strikes far beyond physicality, that is, of a personality that has been able to combine the even more frivolous aspects of existence with the hardness and seriousness that work imposes. The exhibition reveals the instinct of a real manager step by step. A Marilyn not to be missed, one that goes beyond myth and survives as a very current figure. A woman we would define perfectly emancipated today.

CANNES - FILM FESTIVAL: Exclusive Press Conference – Imperdibile Marilyn

The main press conference of special exhibition Imperdibile Marilyn, was placed during the Film Festival in Cannes and hold in the Italian Pavilion of 5*Hotel Barrière Le Majestic in front of the Palais de Festival. The conference, presented by Curator Ted Stampfer and Fabio DiGioia attracted a great interest by international guests, among others, film producer Dan Real and Dr. Antonio Gellini, actor, producer and founder of the World Film Institute and Family Film Award.

Press Preview, Rome – Imperdibile Marilyn: The images of the hold press preview in Rome show Ted Stampfer in various interviews and with special guests: Mr. Giuliano Montaldo (Italian film director, screenwriter and actor), Mr. Giorgio Dell’Arti (journalist, writer, radiologist and historian) and Mr. Fabio Di Gioia, Grandi Eventi.

Marilyn-Countdown in Rome: Last steps before the opening, including a lot of champagne bottles of Dom Perignon (one of our sponsors, and Marilyn's favorite champagne) in "standby modus". Finally, we finished the installation of the last showcase prepared for Marilyn's David di Donatello Award. It is Italian's highest movie award made by BULGARI what Marilyn received in 1959. For the first time this award is given to an Marilyn exhibition!!! - what a honor for exhibitor Ted Stampfer. Thanks to all collaborating lenders and partners.



90 jaar Marilyn - Omzien naar een iconische vrouw, 1. Oktober 2016 - 05. Februar 2017

90 Years Ms Monroe - Reflecting on a Female Icon, 1. October 2016 - 05. February 2017

De Nieuwe Kerk, Hermitage Amsterdam (c) Ted Stampfer, A.Eisenstedt Marilyn (c) getty images

This year she would have turned ninety. Happy Birthday, Marilyn! This extraordinary exhibition celebrates an icon of style for all generations with a special focus on her private life.

The exhibition shows a selection of pieces from the Ted Stampfer Collection and four collaborating lenders, including pieces never presented before. The show is placed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in one of Amsterdam’s most impressive historical monuments – De Nieuwe Kerk. For decades, the famous Royal church in the heart of the city has been known for its high-profile exhibitions about art, photography, and inspiring individuals and cultures. It is one of the most popular exhibition venues in the Netherlands. It also plays a role of national significance, hosting royal ceremonies, official gatherings, and cultural events. On the 2nd of February 2002, De Nieuwe Kerk was the stage for the church wedding of the Prince of Orange, Willem-Alexander and Máxima Zorreguieta. The event was widely broadcast with millions of viewers both in the Netherlands and around the world watching this fairytale event. Willem-Alexander was officially inaugurated as King on the 30th of April 2013. For the two days following the event, De Nieuwe Kerk opened its doors to the public to enjoy the wonderful investiture celebrations and flowers.




Marilyn Monroe - La donna oltre il mito, June 1,  - Sept. 19, 2016,

Marilyn Monroe - The woman behind the myth, June 1, - Sept 19, 2016

Plakat (c) Fondazione Torino Musei. Image Palazzo Madama (c) Ted Stampfer

The exhibition shows a selection of pieces from the Ted Stampfer Collection and four collaborating lenders. The exhibition is placed in Turin, Italy, in the famous Palazzo Madama, its history begins in the Roman age, to which date back, as remains of the praetorian door, the two towers later conglobed in the baroque façade of the building. All showcases are placed on a glazed floor, which gives visitors an awesome look to the Roman excavation below. After the press conference and opening on 31. May the exhibition was opened on June 1st (Marilyn`s 90th birthday) to the public. Thanks to all collaborating partners and lenders to work with us again to remind on Marilyn in a respectful way.

(c) Marilyn, A.Eisenstedt, Getty images / Landesmuseum Liechtenstein(c) Ted Stampfer

Landesmuseum, Fürstentum Liechtenstein
26. März 2015 - 10. Januar 2016
      (Click here for German version) 


National Museum, Principality of Liechtenstein
26th March 2015 - 10th January 2016 
(Click here for English Version)


Musée national du Liechtenstein, Principauté de Liechtenstein
Du 26 mars 2015 au 10 Janvier 2016  
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Radio-Interview Ted Stampfer
Eröffnungsrede Ted Stampfer
TV-Beitrag Focus LOCAL TV
Ted Stampfer (links), am Abend der Eröffnung im Liechtensteinischen Landesmuseum

Ausstellungseröffnung im Landesmuseum Liechtenstein, 25. März 2015

(v.l.n.r.) Leihgeber und Ausstellungskurator Ted Stampfer, Direktor Prof. Dr. Rainer Vollkommer, Martina Sochin D’Elia, Liechten-steinisches Institut und Dr. Aurelia Frick, Regierungsrätin für das Ministerium für Äusseres, Bildung und Kultur.

Opening, Liechtenstein National Museum 25-March, 2015

(l.t.r.) Ted Stampfer, lender and exhibition curator, Director Prof. Dr. Rainer Vollkommer, Martina Sochin D’Elia, Institute of Liechtenstein and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture Dr. Aurelia Frick.


Ted Stampfer mit Guido Maria Kretschmer am Set zur Vox - Doku über Marilyn Monroe

Dreharbeiten VOX: Meine Marilyn – Mit Guido Maria Kretschmer

Am 25. September widmet VOX einen ganzen Abend Marilyn Monroe in einer erstklassigen Spielfilm-Doku-Kombination. Um 20:15 Uhr zeigt der Kölner Sender den Film „My Week With Marilyn“ als Free-TV-Premiere. Im Anschluss um 22.15 Uhr präsentiert Guido Maria Kretschmer in einer zweistündigen Dokumentation die berühmteste Blondine der Welt“ und nimmt das Leben der Jahrhundertblondine ganz genau unter die Lupe. Unter anderem kommt der Marilyn-Vertraute und -Fotograf Laurence Schiller zu Wort sowie Leihgeber und Experte Ted Stampfer. (Ergänzende Infos unter: )

Treffen mit  Jacques Azagury,
führender englischer Modemacher ("Lady Diana")

Ted Stampfer begleitete Jelena Gräfin von Olnhausen zu Jacques Azagury, führender englischer Modemacher, der fast alle Kleider für Lady Di entwarf und die königliche Familie einkleidet. Jelena von Olnhausen ist Botschafterin für sein neues Parfüm.

Interessante Parallelen bestehen zwischen Marilyn Monroe und Lady Diana. Beide waren zu ihren Lebzeiten die meistfotografierteste Frau der Welt, Sie wurden oft Opfer der Presse, wussten aber dennoch stets, diese auch für ihre Zwecke gezielt einzusetzen. Beide waren Mode-Ikonen ihrer Zeit und starben im Alter von nur 36 Jahren. Der Musiker Elton John widmete im Jahr 1973 Marilyn Monroe den Song „Candle in the wind“. Im Jahr 1997 schrieb er den Song zum Tod von Lady Di um und sang ihn als Nekrolog während ihrer Beerdigung.


Exclusive exhibition photo book, Special Edition, 204 Pages, 320 Illustrations, oversize 12x12 inch (30x30cm) (Regular price 79,- Euro), Online price 59,- Euro !

Kundenrezension / Review

Omg!! Ted I received her today I cried!! The Book is beautiful!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the inscription My daughter who is a professional photo journalist was also blown away !! Really, words cannot describe how thrilled I am. Congratulations and Best Wishes and luck!!

D. Stahl, (New York)


„Ted, the book arrived safe and sound. I can't thank you enough! It was so excited to turn every page over! This book is stunning and the photos are sumptuous! Great job!“

D. Abraham, (New Zealand)


"Hallo Ted! Aruba hier. Also das Buch habe ich gestern empfangen und es ist wirklich umwerfend. I love it!! Alles ist so schoen fotografiert und abgelichtet. Wirklich ein Traumbuch! Herzlichen Dank!!!"

Ron Steens, Aruba (Karibik)


Wow.....what a beautiful book! Thank you so much for the personal dedication. I will definitely have many hours of enjoyment looking through your wonderful collection. Many, many thanks for sharing your collection with the fans like me!”

E. Freire, NJ (USA)


I just wanted to let you know that the Marilyn catalogue reached me today in perfect condition. It is simply beautiful and I would recommend it highly to all Marilyn fans. Thank you so much for being so efficient, packaging it so well and sending it so quickly. Kindest regards

L. Vidicki (New Zealand)




An exclusive and unique new exhibition photo book (bounded, in German and English language) featuring the Marilyn Monroe highlights of Ted Stampfer's private collection including many pieces of cooperating partners. With additional pictures of never before seen pieces in public exhibitions the catalog presents exclusively Ted`s collection with high quality pictures including description on 204 pages! Now available for a special price of 59,00 Euro instead regular price of 79,00 Euro, (plus shipping).

This is a Limited Edition of only 250 for sale out of the exhibition! This unique book is not available in book stores! So, place your order immediately. We accept Paypal and Wire bank transfer.  ( For more details go to KATALOG & BOOKLET )