THE MARILYN MONROE - EXHIBITION COLLECTION   Die exklusive Ausstellungssammlung zum Nachlass
THE MARILYN MONROE - EXHIBITION COLLECTION        Die exklusive Ausstellungssammlung zum Nachlass


This is a private German website. Nevertheless, we are pleased to give you some basics and background information in English like follows, and in several categories of this website including exhibition reports.



Ted Stampfer is a German private collector, expert, curator and lender of original memorabilia and personal belongings of the American legends Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson. He owns the largest private collection of its kind and composition.


Ted Stampfer is in direct contact with a close relative of Marilyn Monroe and the executor of Rock Hudson. In addition, he maintains ties to global media companies, journalists and private collectors, but where he meets a certain distance to Monroe fanaticism.


Motto: „I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.“

Ted Stampfer at Christie's in New York. (C) E.von Walchenberg

Ted Stampfer has been interested since his youth in Marilyn Monroe. Initially more focused on her movies, he has concentrated on her private life and estate for a number of years. He dedicates his spare time particularly to adding original items to his collection from Monroe's property as well as from her life. The acquisitions are made through renowned auction houses like Christie's, Sotheby's, Profile's in History, Heritage and Julien's, and by respected private collections.

Today, his private collection consists of more than 1500 single pieces in a very special constellation. Beside clothing and accessories from Marilyn's property, there are further emphases on original vintage photographs from various archives of the film studios, press agencies and photographers, extensive producer film documents including movie scripts, contracts, original screenplays, correspondences, pressbooks, magazines and newspaper articles. In this subject area the main focus lies on Marilyn Monroe' s most successful movie "Some Like It Hot“ with more than 220 unique pieces, mostly from the personal archives of the producer Billy Wilder.

The exclusive Marilyn Monroe exhibition projects of Ted Stampfer are focused on the private, unknown person- the real face behind the Hollywood Icon. Ted Stampfer is not interested in any scandals around the person, but to remind her in a respectful way with a special exclusive presentation of his unique collection.


Stampfer studied Business Administration focused on Marketing and Communication/ Presentation. Over many years he worked in several industrial companies in Germany, temporarily as leader and head of Finance & Accounting. At the age of 17 he started to work as a sideline in art exhibitions. In the following years he expanded his expertise by successfully participating in various museum courses with special subjects.

With his own Marilyn Monroe collection Ted presented a series of exhibitions in various European countries. With his knowledge he worked in different book projects. 


His collaborations take place with museums and galleries for classical exhibition purposes with cultural and historical background and, with companies and corparate groups for presentation in individual events, highlighted with selected pieces from the collection. Beside public exhibitions Ted let his collection to private wealthy person for an exclusive presentation in their individual private events, highlighted with decorated selected pieces at their home, company, boot or another wished location. He let the pieces while respecting the privacy and confidentiality required.



After Marilyn Monroe's death in August 1962, items were vacated from her house in Brentwood, Los Angeles and her apartment in New York. After the announcement of her last will her personal property were packed and stored in New York by heir Lee Strasberg,Monroe's acting coach. After his death in 1982, Marilyn's property was left to his wife Anna Strasberg. At the end of the 90's and after nearly 40 years in storage, Anna Strasberg decided to auction the belongings of Marilyn. From here, the largest and most well-known Marilyn Monroe auctions took place, with Christie's and Julien's auction houses.

The pieces from Marilyn's property have partial staining and damages from their years in storage. Her articles of clothing are discolored and damaged from rusty zippers, caused by variations in temperature and humidity. It is particularly remarkable that pieces of Marilyn Monroe's bleached hair are still present on her clothes, jammed in the zippers of her sweaters and skirts. Likewise, some hair is still intertwined in her personal hair rollers, unaffected by the time in storage.



The collection represented in accompanied catalogs are a selected composition of unique pieces from an inventory list consists of 250 pages with more than 1500 pieces. Included are selected pieces of cooperating collectors which can be made available to exhibition purposes. The exhibition catalog and the booklet version are available in German and English during running exhibitions, and is not available commercially. For any further information please feel free to contact the collector.





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